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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

Water and Coastal Management





The WACOMA Consortium

Coordinating Institution


University of Bologna, Italy



EMJMD Coordinator

Elena Fabbri

Prof. Elena Fabbri

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Partner Institution


University of Cadiz, Spain


Local Coordinator

Irene Laiz

Prof. Irene Laiz

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Partner Institution


University of Algarve, Portugal


Local Coordinator

Alice Newton

Prof. Alice Newton

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Associated Partners

Academic Partners

The programme counts on an excellent international platform and provides opportunities for academic and scientific cooperation in collaboration with 7 universities:

  • One EU University
  • Six Partner–Country Universities

Non-Academic Partners

Eleven non-academic associated partners, both EU and non-EU, are involved in the programme.

  • Public Bodies and Ministries
  • Private Companies

Techno (Italy)


Sagremarisco (Portugal)


Lighthouse (Italy)


MarAlgarve (Portugal)


TecnoAmbiente (Spain)


Serpo (Cuba)




Last update: 4 Jun 2022

Elena Fabbri

Elena Fabbri is Full Professor in Physiology at the Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences of the University of Bologna (UniBo) Italy. President of of UniBO Ravenna Campus. Director of the Master in Environmental Monitoring and Prevention of Risks for Human Health and Environment. Coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree WACOMA (Water and Coastal Management) Edition 2017-2022.
Formerly: Coordinator for the University of Bologna of the Erasmus Mundus PhD MACOMA (2010-2017) and Master WACOMA (2011-2016). Responsible for the Ravenna Unit of the Department Bigea (2013-2016). EDUCATION and CAREER EF graduated in Biological Sciences (110/100 cum Laude) at the University of Ferrara (Italy). Research assistant at the same University, became Associate Professor at the University of Bologna in 1998, and Full Professor in 2011. EDITORIAL AND MEMBERSHIPS Currently Associate Editor of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (Elsevier). Guest Editor CBP B (Elsevier 2017) and Dose Response J. (SAGE, 2015). 2011-12 President of the European Society of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (ESCPB). 2014-17 Secretary and Treasurer of the Italian Physiological Society (SIF). TEACHING at the Degree Courses in Environmental Sciences (BSc and Master) and Marine Biology (Master). Co-author of 2 university textbooks: Fisiologia degli animali marini, 2012, pp 502 and Fisiologia Animale, 2014 pp 655 (Edises, Naples). RESEARCH addressed to the signal transduction of neuromodulators and hormones correlated to the stress response in aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates. Effects of emerging pollutants (plastics, pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors) on cell signaling, gene and protein expressions. Applied investigations on the assessment of environmental quality through biomarkers. Over 120 papers on ISI Journals. Abroad experiences: University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA (Nato Grants 1989 and 1990). University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada, (Award Canada Research Council, 1993). Elena Fabbri coordinated the EU-MEDA Project AMIS (2006-2008) and participated to several national and international programmes. Currently involved in the JPI Ocean Project PLASTOX (2016-18).

Irene Laiz

Irene Laiz is a Marine Scientist, specialized in Physical and Multidisciplinary Oceanography, graduated as a Marine Scientist at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), where she also did her PhD in Physical Oceanography (ocean circulation numerical modelling). She worked in Southampton (UK) for 5 years as a Research Scientist at BMT Cordah Ltd., where she developed and/or implemented numerical models related with marine pollution in order to perform risk evaluations (oil spills, invasion of species via ballast waters, underwater noise propagation and impact on marine mammals, etc). She was involved in various national and EU-funded projects related to water quality and risk assessment, such as “ORCHESTRA: Open Architecture and Spatial Data Infrastructure for Risk Management (EU-FP6-511678)”, “i-MARQ: Coastal Water Quality Information System (EU-FP5 IST-2001-34039)”, “SEAM: Assessing concepts, systems and tools for a safer, efficient and environmentally aware and friendly maritime transport (EU-FP5-GRD1-2000-25208-S12.316036)”, etc. In 2006 she gained a postdoctoral contract (“Juan de la Cierva”) at the ICMAN-CSIC (Cadiz, Spain) to work on coastal circulation and ecological modelling. In 2011 she gained a 2-year postdoctoral contract at the University of Cadiz (Physics Department) to work with sea level and satellite altimetry, where she stayed as a lecturer from 2013.

Alice Newton

Alice Newton is Professor in the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences (DCMA), Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCT) of the University of Algarve (UAlg, Portugal). She is also a Senior Scientist leading as the Principal Investigator on the coastal zone at the Norwegian Institute of Air Research (NILU) in the Department of Environmental Impacts and Economics (IMPEC). She coordinated the international Water and Coastal management Erasmus Mundus master course for 8 editions.
RECENT PARTICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PROJECTS 2009-2012: Chairperson of LOICZ Science Steering Committee 2009-2012: 7th Framework Programme KnowSeas- Knowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe's Seas project 2010-2012 OSPAR-CAMP Comprehensive Atmospheric Monitoring Programme. Project leader 2012-2015: 7th Framework Programme COMET LA project. WP leader. 2012-2016: 7th Framework Programme DEVOTES project (MSFD Biodiversity descriptor). WP leader.
Dr Newton advises various national, international and multinational governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as research funding agencies, on aspects of science-policy implementation. Examples include: Updated 27-04-2017 US Environment Protection Agency (nutrient criteria); EU-JRC (Eutrophication in Coastal and Transitional waters); EU-JRC (Implementation of the Water Framework Directive); EU- DG RTD (Bioeconomy); Portugal: INAG Portuguese Ministry of Environment and DGRm Directorate for Marine Resources; Norway: KLIF (now Norwegian Environment Directorate), Management plan for North Sea and Skagerrak; United Nations Environmental Programme: Regional Seas Conventions, Indicator Group (including Chlorophyll). Danish Ministry of Environment: Eutrophication report. Author or Co-Author of 77 ISI scientific and academic publications since 2003.


University of Bologna
Ravenna Campus, Italy


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